Game Console Repairs

While games consoles can give us plenty of joy during our time with them, they can also be a massive bugbear when things start going wrong and some consoles have even become famous for the faults that frustrate us. In the event of anything going awry, you can always count on North Computers to aid you with any console repairs that are required.

The latest generation of games consoles being released means there are now several platforms per manufacturer, but over the years we’ve massed great experience in completing console repairs, from the Xbox Ring of Death to heating problems with the original PS3. It’s not only console repair, either, as we can also attend to the controllers used to operate the consoles themselves.

If you feel as though your console is getting on a little and you feel it could do with a thorough check, then let us perform an inspection or service on your games console; that way, we can let you now if anything could harm your machine in the future and we can help prevent you having to come back for console repairs when your machine has failed for one reason or another.

We can also offer you an more efficient cooling system for your console if it is of an age before such problems where completely erased and again, we can prevent you requiring even bigger games console repairs further down the road. Replacing your old fan system can also give you a little peace and quiet if it’s getting a little noisy.

Our games consoles of today act as multimedia platforms, playing Blu Rays and streaming video into our living rooms as well allowing us to play the latest games. As a result, you’ll want to be assured of a quick turnaround and that’s exactly what you’ll get at North Computers thanks to our vast experience in game console repair.