So You've turned the laptop on but it doesn't work. Great!! Just when you need it the most!! So time to try a couple of Home DIY fixes before rendering it 'obsolete!' And calling in the big guns!!

So System check:

Is the battery missing or fitted incorrectly. Sounds daft and people will Say 'of course it is I'm not daft' however This is often the case if we have accidentally "dropped it" or stored it in that safe place that no one knows about!! Just Have a look and Check the battery bay, make sure the battery is in present, in position and seated correctly. The battery is designed to be fitted only one way so this is usually easy to tell.

Look at the unit and ensure that nothing is interfering with the battery contacts stopping the power circuit.

Try Removing the power adapter, * take out the battery and press the power button. Wait around 5 - 10 seconds then Replace the battery back. Then replace the power plug Re boot the laptop back up. Fingers crossed!!

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Another common issue Does it seem you are losing battery power too quickly. - This could be that the device is using too much power. You don't say!) but If your OS has a Power Options scheme we advise That you check the settings. Are you using a PC Card device? This could be why you are losing a lot of power so quickly??

Battery pack not charging? You are losing battery power too quickly. - The system is using too much power. If your OS has a Power Options scheme check its settings You may also be using a PC Card device that is drawing a lot of power.

For some reason the battery pack will not charge. Ask yourself Has The battery pack been exposed to an excessively hot/cold environment or in humid conditions? If so try Placing the battery in an area that is room temperature so that it can return to it's correct working state. (This is usually between 13 and 16 degrees celsius) then try re booting the Laptop again. If there it is still showing no power then Unfortunately the case could be The battery may need to be replaced.

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