How Many times have we got carried away speed typing and not saved? Or accidentally deleted a file we need! More times than I would like to Count. But where do these files go? Into some PC Cyber space no one knows about? One minute they are there and the next...poof!. Gone!! So where are they? * backed them up somewhere else? * Have you put the Files in the Recycle Bin or simply just deleted them.


Usually the "lost files" can be recovered—if discovered soon enough. But remember that time you write to the hard drive, the lower the likelihood of recovery. It's advised You use the computer as little as possible until they have been found.

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Look in your recycle bin. Windows automatically stores “deleted” files in the Recycle bin as a safety precaition. Usually the icon will Be situated on your desk top (main home screen) If the files are there, select, right-click and Restore.

Don't forget to Use your backup! By backing up your hard drive on a regular basis, your files should probably be there. And a general word of Thumb; if you don’t back up, it’s time to get into the habit. May not help you on this Occasion however it could the next. Be pro active! Not reactive!!!

File recovery software: Although a file may no longer in the Recycle Bin could Still exist. Windows doesn’t overwrite file it's blanks it until another file needs the drive space. This is why its advised using The PC as little as Possible. There are numerous file recovery programs available across the board. A reputable one being Recuva Portable. Easy to use with good reviews. sometimes it may show the images that can be recovered. Also it's portable, meaning you don’t have to install it, you can simply use it on your PC without writing to the hard drive. Download the program on another computer, and unzip it to a folder on a flash drive. Then plug the flash drive into the PC with the missing files, run it from there.

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