Regular service maintenance. Should we?

It's a well know fact that Computers run at their best when they are well maintained. Without regular cleaning and de cluttering your hard drive gets full of data you do not need, systems become messy, and it's overall performance goes down hill!

For your computer/ device to perform at it's full potential regular back ups and clean up sessions are essential! Without this your personal data can become less secure leaving you wide open to those darn internet thieves!! Build up of dust gets into your keyboard build up of grime in your mouse. This all effects the overall running ! As well as businesses, Home computers have become a part of normal every day life and are relied upon greatly by many residential and business users making things more convenient however it would seem we do take their efficiency for granted. It doesn't last for ever people! Like servicing a car your device just needs that tlc on a regular on going basis to ensure it's running smoothly and at it's full potential!!

Try to remember these simple steps to pro long your computers life!!

1) regular updates: From a performance and security standpoint, To remain current, check for software updates or upgrades each time you perform system maintenance. This will help the overall running , performance and security level up to date. Check all licences and subsections are valid and in date -especially for security subscriptions. Security threats, viruses and the risk of internet intrusion occurs daily, keep on top of it!! On your next maintenance check we would advise the following to be checked:

   • software and operating system, inc security levels are up to date

• Renew any superseded software and subscriptions.

• upgrade to the latest version software

• Optimize start-up and shutdown items

• Remove unwanted programs trial ware, ransom ware.

• Clean up registry and temporary files

• Check System for viruses and spyware

2) back up on a regular basis: whether it be a power cut, system crash or just you hitting those keys too quickly deleted files and lost data can cause havoc so try to get into a routine of back up at least once a month! For business users back up at least 2 copies. One for the device and the other at an alternative location. Thus ensuring the safety of your information. If you work at home or a small office try online services to store your data remotely. That way, should you experience fire, flood or theft, your data will be safely stored on a remote server. It's also an idea to Create an emergency disk and store this in a safe place.

3) good house keeping!! : de-clutter your filing systems. Remove what's obsolete, superseded and no longer in use. Build up of dust and grime can damage the hardware so ensure regular physical cleaning is carried out to avoid any later costly issues.

4) regular check ups: if you are a smart phone user you will know how much your little phone works, constantly roaming and draining your battery. Computers are the sane. In the back ground it's working it's little socks off to carry out the tasks we ask of it, so from time to time hiccups do happen. From errors on the hard drive to obsolete file references. All these little things add up and can cause your systems to run slow or even crash. To minimise any potential problems of this nature

•Regularly clean up your files, desk too etc deleting any obsolete information.

• regularly scan and defragmentation your hard drive. If you are unsure of how this is done please don't try it yourself people. Give us a call and we will do it for you !!

5) safety first!! You hear it all the time about cloning, data being copied, internet fraud as we are all guilty of using online buying facilities. It's the future!! Please try to incorporate the following procedures to help minimise the chance of you being the next victim!

• try to Run virus detection scan weekly using a trusted anti virus protection program.

• Make sure all your security tools, including your virus definitions, are up-to-date

• Ensure you have the right protection package for your needs and this is run on a regular on going basis.

If you need Any help and advise on any of the information above or you need an IT technician to carry out any service or repairs please do not hesitate to get in touch. Always Happy to take your call.

Until next time!